Joya Paul is a mixed media visual artist. Her primary medium is encaustic (the ancient art of painting with molten wax and pigments).  After a long career in finance, she returned to her true passion in the arts in 2008 and has been exhibiting her work in art fairs, exhibitions and galleries in Canada. She is now working on her art on a full time basis, teaching, exhibiting and creating out of Second Door Studio. It is truly a dream come true.

Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, USA and Europe. Her paintings are inspired by nature, her travels and her connection to music and literature.  

She has worked with various techniques and has been holding workshops to share her knowledge since 2009.  Her work will often include a combination of collage, photography, found objects, pastel and oil paint. There are so many ways to paint with encaustic. The layers of wax often produces unexpected results that can take your breath away. It has an ethereal and dream like quality that speaks to the soul due to the translucent nature of wax.

Her hope is to inspire others to discover art as a safe haven, a way to express emotions free from judgment and take joy in the journey of creation.

Please take a look at the workshop page for upcoming dates on workshops held at the Second Door Studio.


Jodi Wheeler is a Toronto based artist. Jodi studied visual arts at York University, graduating with her BFA in 1999. After working as an art dealer in Australia and Canada for six years she decided to return to her studio and pursue her career as a painter full time. Jodi currently shows with the Trias Gallery in Oakville and Arts on Queen in Toronto.

Jodi spends much time photographing places and things to capture ‘moments’ that touch her. These photos are transferred into her paintings in hopes that they will touch others too. Jodi has photographed parks and scenery from various areas of Toronto to try to capture different images that depict her vision of home in this city. Jodi often shoots scenes from up north in areas like Gravenhurst & Muskoka, where the landscape reminds her of the cottage, and an image that so many relate to and fine comfort in.

Painting in acrylic on canvas Jodi incorporates photo transfers and text into her pieces. Text, which she writes, is carved in each of her works both as a visual design element and to tell a story to the viewer. The text is carved in a way that draws in the viewer with a longing to read it, but written in a way that is illegible, for the viewer to tell their own story and relate their own memories, emotions and experiences to her work.

With a smooth blending of colours, Jodi creates a backdrop for her images that sets a mood for the painting and evokes emotion. With the use of encaustic in some of her pieces Jodi adds an additional element of texture to her work. Her choice to use encaustic / wax for texture over other mediums was because wax was traditionally used to preserve things. Suggesting that she is trying to capture and preserve a moment in time.